Anthropic Eyes Over $850M Revenue By 2024

Key Takeaway

Anthropic, an AI startup co-founded by former OpenAI executives, expects to generate over $850 million in annual revenue by end of 2024, signaling rapid growth.


  • Anthropic is an artificial intelligence startup co-founded by former Microsoft-backed OpenAI executives Dario and Daniela Amodei.
  • The company told investors earlier it expects $100 million in annualized revenue rate currently, growing to $500 million by end 2024.
  • Now the company expects over $850 million annualized revenue rate by end 2024.
  • Some close to the company believe it could hit $1 billion annualized revenue in 2023.
  • Anthropic is backed by Google, which invested $500 million, and Amazon, which will invest up to $4 billion.
  • The companies are collaborating on generative AI.
  • Anthropic is reportedly raising $750 million more, led by Menlo Ventures, at a valuation that may exceed $18 billion.


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