Burger King's Million Dollar AI-Designed Whopper Contest

Burger King has launched an AI image generator campaign that allows customers to design their perfect burger with customized ingredients, then see it visualized by AI. This aligns with their longstanding "Have It Your Way" slogan by leveraging new technology.


  • Burger King launched an AI image generator as part of their "Million Dollar Whopper" campaign.
  • Customers can pick up to 8 ingredients to design their perfect burger.
  • An AI then generates an image visualizing what the custom burger creation could look like.
  • 3 finalists will perfect their burgers at Burger King HQ before a public vote.
  • The winning burger creator will win $1 million.
  • The campaign applies Burger King's decades-old "Have It Your Way" concept in an interactive, modern way.
  • It aligns with over 50% of customers already customizing their Whoppers.
  • The CMO says it embodies their focus on customization and uses AI tech to enhance the experience.
  • The contest is only available to Burger King Royal Perks members in the US.
  • Entries close on March 17, 2023.


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