ChatGPT for a Smoother Christmas

Key Takeaway

ChatGPT can provide helpful assistance with various Christmas tasks like planning dinner, creating quizzes and games, mixing cocktails, clarifying board game rules, and writing thank you notes.


  • ChatGPT can create a detailed cooking timeline for Christmas dinner based on items to be cooked and their weights. It can also produce a printable Gantt chart for easy reference while cooking.

  • You can prompt ChatGPT to create a customized Christmas quiz on any topic with multiple choice answers. It can theme the questions and provide an answer key.

  • To mix festive cocktails, you can ask ChatGPT for recipes of specific drinks or provide a list of available ingredients for it to suggest cocktail ideas.

  • If needing clarification on board game rules, you can query ChatGPT, or even have it generate summaries or new scorecards. It can also recommend rule variations to improve games.

  • While ethically questionable, ChatGPT can compose thank you messages on another's behalf with some guidance on the recipient, gift, and sender details. The output can be edited as needed.

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