ChatGPT Gains AI Teamwork Capabilities

ChatGPT now allows users to bring in different AI personalities called "GPTs" into conversations using @mentions, enabling a level of collaboration between different roles within the same chat history.


  • OpenAI introduced a new @mention feature in ChatGPT that lets users pull in customized AI personalities called GPTs into conversations.
  • This allows different GPTs, each with specialized expertise or personalities, to work together in the same chat history.
  • For example, a "writer" GPT could write some text, then an "editor" GPT could be brought in to review it in context.
  • Previously, sharing information between GPTs required manually copying text between separate chat windows. The new feature streamlines collaboration.
  • While the same underlying ChatGPT system is powering the experience, it does not differentiate between different GPT identities in the chat.
  • This feature seems like a small step toward possible future teamwork between independent, agentic GPTs that can collaborate on tasks.
  • For now, OpenAI still maintains a singular perspective for ChatGPT even when using different GPT profiles.


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