Consistent Character in ChatGPT

The key takeaway from the video is that the GPT store and ChatGPT Plus subscription provide powerful tools to easily create consistent characters with customized attributes like gender, age, nationality, expressions, actions, poses, backgrounds, and more for animation, social media, and other creative projects.


  • The GPT store features over 3 million GPTs for different creative tasks including the "Consistent Characters" GPT.
  • To access the GPT store and tools, a ChatGPT Plus subscription is required.
  • The "Consistent Characters" GPT allows creating customized characters by specifying details like name, age, description, style/theme, expressions, actions, poses, backgrounds, and more.
  • The video demonstrates creating a female character named Zara with specifications provided in the prompts.
  • Zara is generated in various Pixar animation styles and Photography styles with different expressions (happy, sad, romantic), actions (running, dancing, jumping), poses (selfies), and backgrounds (San Francisco, Mumbai).
  • Both horizontal and vertical formats are created suitable for different social media and project needs.
  • Minimal prompts are needed to create fully customized images of consistent characters for animation, social media, and other creative projects.
  • GPTs provide limitless creative potential to bring digital creations to life.

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