Google Supercharges Bard with Free AI Image Generation

Google has added AI image generation capability to its Bard chatbot using Imagen 2 text-to-image model, allowing users to create images from text prompts for free. This catches up to a similar feature in rival ChatGPT Plus.


  • Google's Bard chatbot now has ability to generate images from text prompts using Imagen 2 AI model.
  • This feature allows Bard to compete with ChatGPT Plus which already had image generation capability.
  • Bard's new feature is available for free, unlike ChatGPT Plus which requires paid subscription.
  • Google has added watermarks and other safety measures to prevent misuse of the feature.
  • Bard's image generation is currently only available in English but chatbot now supports over 40 languages across 230 countries.
  • Google also launched experimental ImageFX tool with Imagen 2 for public testing of AI image generation.
  • Image generation features adhere to Google's AI principles and technical guidelines on safety and responsibility.


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