Influencer Marketing Firm Bets Big on AI Content Creation

Izea, an influencer marketing firm, is betting big on AI-generated campaigns by launching a new tool called FormAI that allows brands and creators to train AI models on their data and then combine the models to generate images for marketing campaigns.


  • Izea sees AI as an opportunity for the influencer marketing industry to reduce content creation costs and collaborate faster.
  • The new FormAI tool has a "Mixers" feature that lets brands and creators train separate AI models on their data - brands on products, creators on their likeness.
  • These models can then be combined in different ways to generate images with the creator alongside the brand's products for campaigns.
  • There are two applications - "direct", where the AI-generated content can be published directly, and "guided", where the content acts more as ideation.
  • Clients so far are using FormAI for ideation and brainstorming rather than publishing content directly.
  • The AI image generation capabilities are still early and improving quickly. Izea expects photorealistic, publishable images within the next year.
  • Most influencers and brands are already using AI in some capacity and see it as an opportunity, so Izea is betting on adoption of tools like FormAI.


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