This AI Bot Has Been Making Bank Betting on Sports

WagerGPT is an AI sports betting bot that makes predictions and betting suggestions across 9 sports leagues. It has been profitable for users, generating a 62.14 unit profit and 23.76% ROI across all leagues in the past week.


  • WagerGPT makes predictions and betting suggestions for 9 leagues: EPL, NFL, SHL, NHL, NBA, NCAAF, horse racing, tennis, NCAAB
  • For a selected horse race, it provides predictions on the top 3 horses, jockeys, track name, and a suggested bet
  • For NBA, it predicts the winning team using historical data and provides an AI-based bet suggestion incorporating real-time data
  • Has a new player props feature for NBA games to provide top 5 player prop picks
  • Self-improves over time through human feedback by allowing users to flag hallucinations
  • Public weekly reports show performance and profits across leagues, e.g. 62.14 units profit and 23.76% ROI last week
  • Community members have been profitable with it, highlights include a 5-leg NBA parlay win and 5.07 units profit in NHL in 4 days
  • Plans to expand to more leagues, integrate legal betting where possible, and have an API contest

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