Fake AI-Generated Research Paper Humiliates Scientific Journal

A leading scientific journal published and later retracted a completely fake research paper generated by AI that included unrealistic and absurd images such as a rat with a giant penis.


  • The journal Frontiers in Cell and Development Biology published a fake paper claiming to show sperm stem cell signaling pathways.
  • The paper included an image depicting a rat sitting upright with a massive penis and four giant testicles.
  • The illustration was created using the AI tool Midjourney, which added fake labels using nonsense terms like "dissilced", "testtomcels", and "senctolic".
  • Another ridiculous image showed "sterrn cells" being spooned out of a Petri dish.
  • The paper used other fake terms and biological concepts not grounded in real science.
  • After being read by real scientists who recognized the fake elements, the journal retracted the paper and apologized.
  • Experts warn that AI tools can now generate convincing-looking fake scientific images and text, making it harder to detect fake papers.
  • The ease of using AI to create bogus research presents growing concerns about ensuring integrity and trust in scientific publishing.
  • People have tried using Midjourney themselves to recreate the weird rat image, showing how it likely originated.
  • The incident caused major embarrassment for the journal and highlighted issues posed by advancing AI generative technologies.


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