India's AI Innovators - 10 Startups Driving Business Transformation

Key Takeaway

The key takeaway is that there is a wave of innovative Indian AI startups that are creating disruptive products and solutions using AI and other advanced technologies to transform industries like healthcare, agriculture, education, and more.


  • The article spotlights 10 leading Indian AI startups that are making an impact.
  • HEAPS is revolutionizing healthcare delivery and payments with advanced data analytics, AI, and ML.
  • has created the world's leading conversational CX platform used by consumer brands.
  • Data Sutram offers location intelligence data packages to help companies acquire customers more efficiently.
  • RealBox provides AI-powered business analytics tools for enterprises.
  • CropIn delivers farm management solutions like SmartFarm and SmartRisk using AI and data.
  • LocoNav offers fleet management software solutions for drivers and fleet owners.
  • Ripplr is building an integrated distribution network for brands powered by AI.
  • Agricx has created an AI SaaS platform to eliminate inefficiencies in the food supply chain.
  • Expertrons provides AI-based video coaching for students to help with exams and interviews.
  • uses RPA, NLP, ML and more to automate complex business processes.


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