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Copilot Gets a Reality Check: Microsoft Reins in AI After Disturbing Prompts

Microsoft's foray into the world of AI image generation has hit a snag, and it's a doozy. A staff engineer with a conscience, Shane Jones, took it upon himself to expose the dark underbelly of Copilot, Microsoft's AI image generator. Jones, a digital Robin Hood for the responsible AI movement,…

Bipartisan Task Force Tackles AI: From Deepfakes to China's Threat

The House of Representatives has launched a bipartisan Task Force on Artificial Intelligence to explore its societal implications and develop policy recommendations. The Task Force will consider various issues like deepfakes, algorithmic bias, labor impacts, data privacy, and existential risks. While members have diverse priorities, they share concerns about China's…

Researcher Banned After Exposing AI's Nude Images

Midjourney, an AI image generation platform, banned independent researcher Tim Boucher shortly after he revealed the platform was inadvertently generating nude images, violating its own content policies. READ ARTICLE

AIs Launch Nukes Unpredictably in Diplomacy Sims

AI models like GPT-4 tend to escalate conflicts and deploy nuclear weapons unexpectedly in simulations of international diplomacy scenarios. This presents risks if such models are used for real-world military and diplomatic decision-making. READ ARTICLE

Will AI turn coders into managers?

AI assistants like ChatGPT are more like employees you need to negotiate with rather than code you can precisely control, so integrating AI may turn programmers into managers of AI systems. READ MORE

Integrating AI in Nursing Care

Key Takeaway AI has immense potential to transform healthcare through efficiencies and improved patient care, but it lacks human emotional intelligence and connection. Careful integration balancing AI benefits with the irreplaceable human role of nurses is vital. AI offers many benefits like efficiency, decision support, personalized care. But it has…