Will AI Be the Key to Windows Usability?

Microsoft's AI-powered Copilot feature could make the Windows operating system more accessible and usable by providing an easy way for users to access settings and controls through natural language queries.


  • Microsoft's Copilot AI feature is currently in preview on Windows 11 PCs and allows basic functions like changing wallpaper or adjusting user settings.
  • PC makers like Dell envision Copilot being expanded and given a dedicated physical button on keyboards.
  • Users could press the Copilot button and speak or type requests to adjust settings, rather than navigating through complex menus.
  • Examples include asking to change trackpad brightness or see what graphics driver is installed.
  • This could help address the problem of Windows' interface being difficult and confusing to navigate for many users.
  • The Copilot button would essentially act as an AI assistant to find the right settings pages based on natural language requests.
  • If Microsoft expands Copilot capabilities further, it could finally make the Windows operating system truly accessible and user-friendly after many failed attempts through traditional UI design.


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