Leonardo.ai Launches New AI Image-to-Video Feature

Key Takeaway

Leonardo.ai has released an impressive new image-to-video feature that can easily animate any image, providing a simple way to create AI-powered videos.


  • Leonardo.ai introduced a new image-to-video feature for animating images
  • Allows animating any image from the Leonardo platform using motion controls
  • Tested on sample inputs like "old woman dancing" and "ski boat racing"
  • Output videos show background movement, main subject can have odd behaviors
  • Quality impressive for initial release, on par with other popular platforms
  • Simple to initiate animations from existing images on platform
  • Limitations around predictability of motion based on input image
  • Has potential to add text-to-video and other features
  • Output quality expected to rapidly improve with more training data
  • Looking for user feedback on ways to advance the feature

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