Microsoft adds AI music generator Suno to Copilot

Key Takeaway

Microsoft has added Suno, an AI music generator, as a plugin to Copilot. While Suno can quickly generate original songs based on text prompts, the quality of the vocals and lyrics is inconsistent. The AI struggles with complex prompts and tends to use repetitive lyric structures. Overall, Suno shows potential but needs further development before it can reliably generate high-quality music.


  • Suno is a third-party AI music generator that Microsoft integrated into Copilot. It allows users to generate original songs in seconds.

  • To use Suno in Copilot, you need to activate it in the plugin panel on the web version. It is not yet available in the Windows app.

  • You can prompt Suno to "create a song" or give it more specific instructions like genre, theme, style etc. It will generate lyrics and vocals when played.

  • In testing, Suno performed well on simple prompts, mimicking bands like Electric Light Orchestra. The tunes were catchy but the lyrics repetitive.

  • Suno struggled with more complex prompts. The lyrics followed a rigid structure and were hard to understand. The singing was also robotic.

  • It failed to generate a purely instrumental "classical" song without lyrics when prompted.

  • Overall, Suno shows potential as a quick music ideation tool, but needs work on vocals, lyrics and responding to complex prompts before it can make high-quality songs.

  • The music is free to use for personal projects, but has limitations for commercial use.

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