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Leveraging AI for Transparent Flight Disruption Management

The key takeaway from the article is that combining large language models (LLMs) like GPT-3 with conventional optimization algorithms through function calling provides an effective way to build conversational agents that can provide optimal solutions for managing flight disruptions. This improves transparency and explainability of recommendations. READ ARTICLE

ChatGPT Gains AI Teamwork Capabilities

ChatGPT now allows users to bring in different AI personalities called "GPTs" into conversations using @mentions, enabling a level of collaboration between different roles within the same chat history. READ MORE

Conversational AI Startup Raises $150M, a conversational AI and enterprise AI platform startup, has raised $150 million in funding led by FTV Capital and Nvidia. The funding values the company at over $1 billion. READ MORE

OpenAI Unveils Game-Changing GPT Mentions Feature

Key Takeaway OpenAI is rolling out a new GPT Mentions feature in beta that allows users to integrate custom GPTs/bots into conversations by tagging them, expanding ChatGPT's capabilities beyond just chatting. READ MORE

Microsoft Launches Game-Changing Copilot App

Microsoft has launched a new ChatGPT-like Android app called Copilot that provides advanced conversational AI capabilities to enhance user productivity and streamline tasks. The report summarizes the essential details about the Microsoft Copilot Android app launch, covering its key capabilities, features, use cases and the broader impact of this AI…

Prompt Engineering to Unlock Generative AI's Potential

There is a wide range of practical prompt engineering strategies and techniques to become highly skilled at composing effective prompts for generative AI systems. Mastering prompt engineering can make or break your success with generative AI. READ MORE

India's AI Innovators - 10 Startups Driving Business Transformation

Key Takeaway The key takeaway is that there is a wave of innovative Indian AI startups that are creating disruptive products and solutions using AI and other advanced technologies to transform industries like healthcare, agriculture, education, and more. READ MORE

Machine Learning Algorithms Behind ChatGPT and Bard

Key Takeaway ChatGPT and Bard utilize a range of advanced machine learning algorithms like deep learning, neural networks, reinforcement learning, and attention mechanisms to power their natural language capabilities and human-like conversational abilities. ChatGPT and Bard leverage deep learning and neural networks to comprehend language nuances and generate human-sounding responses.