Monetizing Custom GPTs: Exploring Paywalls, Revenue Sharing, and Direct Payments

There is no single, clear way to monetize custom GPTs yet, but several options are being explored by the community, including paywalls, revenue sharing, and selling GPT-based services.


  • The discussion revolves around how to monetize custom GPTs built on the OpenAI platform.
  • Users are frustrated with the lack of a clear monetization strategy from OpenAI.
  • Some workarounds suggested include:
    • Paywalls: Implementing paywalls to restrict access to custom GPTs.
    • Revenue sharing: Hoping for a future revenue sharing model from OpenAI similar to Spotify.
    • Direct payments: Accepting in-chat payments through GPT actions.
    • Selling GPT-based services: Offering custom GPTs as a service to specific clients.
  • An alternative approach is to use platforms like LaunchLemonade to build private websites and sell GPT-based assistants.

It is important to note that some of these methods, like paywalls, have limitations and might not be very reliable. The best approach for monetization likely depends on the specific use case and target audience of the custom GPT.



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