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Monetizing Custom GPTs: Exploring Paywalls, Revenue Sharing, and Direct Payments

There is no single, clear way to monetize custom GPTs yet, but several options are being explored by the community, including paywalls, revenue sharing, and selling GPT-based services. It is important to note that some of these methods, like paywalls, have limitations and might not be very reliable. The best…

ChatGPT Gains AI Teamwork Capabilities

ChatGPT now allows users to bring in different AI personalities called "GPTs" into conversations using @mentions, enabling a level of collaboration between different roles within the same chat history. READ MORE

OpenAI Unveils Game-Changing GPT Mentions Feature

Key Takeaway OpenAI is rolling out a new GPT Mentions feature in beta that allows users to integrate custom GPTs/bots into conversations by tagging them, expanding ChatGPT's capabilities beyond just chatting. READ MORE

Can GPTStore Rival App Store Revenues for Developers?

The key takeaway is that while GPTStore has potential to generate revenue for developers, it likely won't match the earnings from major app stores like AppStore in the near future. Most GPT apps don't differentiate enough from base GPT models to justify high pricing. However, there is still long-term potential…