The 9 Dumbest AI Pranks People Fell for in 2023

Key Takeaway

In 2023, the rise of sophisticated AI technology led to a surge in deepfakes, misinformation, and scams, making it increasingly difficult to discern real from fake content online.


  • Deepfakes and misinformation:

    • Bill Gates deepfake video spread anti-vaccine misinformation.
    • AI-generated image of an explosion near the Pentagon caused market panic.
    • Pope Francis deepfake in a puffer jacket fooled many.
  • AI scams:

    • Voice-cloning phone scams tricked people into sending money.
    • Sex bots on social media targeted men for financial gain.
    • AI-generated images of "Satanic" clothing at Target spread misinformation.
    • Deepfake video of Biden announcing a draft resurfaced during the Israel-Hamas conflict.
    • ChatGPT was misused for generating fake legal documents and plagiarizing content.
  • Overall:

    • The increasing sophistication of AI makes it harder to distinguish real from fake content.
    • Critical thinking and awareness of AI scams are crucial in the digital age.

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