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Bipartisan Task Force Tackles AI: From Deepfakes to China's Threat

The House of Representatives has launched a bipartisan Task Force on Artificial Intelligence to explore its societal implications and develop policy recommendations. The Task Force will consider various issues like deepfakes, algorithmic bias, labor impacts, data privacy, and existential risks. While members have diverse priorities, they share concerns about China's…

Taming the Text Giants: Governing Language Models for Secure, Compliant AI

Organizations can govern user prompts and model outputs in large language models using data access governance and security solutions that integrate with model libraries. This allows for real-time enforcement of data privacy, regulatory compliance, and access control policies while preserving the benefits of generative AI. Additional notes: READ ARTICLE

New plugin helps businesses monitor ChatGPT data risks

Data security company Metomic has launched a browser plugin tool that allows businesses to monitor what sensitive data employees are uploading to ChatGPT, in order to identify data risks and prevent sensitive company information from being exposed. READ MORE

Democratizing AI: Possibilities and Ethical Pitfalls

OpenAI's move to make its GPT-3 language model more accessible aims to democratize AI and unleash its potential across sectors. However, this raises ethical concerns about responsible development and use of AI. READ ARTICLE

Protecting Teens Online: Can AI Bridge the Privacy Gap?

Social media platforms need to strike a balance between protecting teen users' privacy and safety when implementing measures to block harmful content. AI and metadata analysis could help detect risks without invading personal conversations. READ ARTICLE

The $400 Billion AI Health Revolution

The global market for AI in healthcare is expected to grow exponentially from $23 billion currently to $431 billion by 2032, transforming medicine and care through data-driven insights for improved diagnostics, treatment plans, drug discovery, and more personalized and efficient healthcare. However, there are challenges around data privacy, algorithmic bias,…

ChatGPT Faces EU Privacy Crackdown

Italian data protection authority has accused OpenAI of breaching EU privacy laws regarding data collection and storage for training ChatGPT's AI models. OpenAI has 30 days to respond to the allegations.

AI Policy in 2024

The evolving landscape of AI regulation. In 2023, significant developments occurred in AI policy, setting a precedent for the upcoming year. Key areas include the U.S. government's approach to AI regulation, challenges in addressing AI-related harms and risks, the role of AI in global technological competition, and the impact of…

Balancing Innovation and Responsibility

The critical importance of ethical governance in AI within healthcare emphasizes the need for responsibility, trust, and safety. This includes the development of AI technologies with a strong focus on ethical implications, transparency, data privacy, and addressing potential biases, especially in patient care and data handling. Integration of Ethical Governance…

TikTokers Unwittingly Birth New AI Tech

Alibaba created an "Animate Anyone" model that can animate images based on body movement keypoints, sparking debate about ethics and legal issues since it was reportedly trained on TikTok videos without consent. This case could set precedents for AI model training and use. READ MORE

Securing the Data Fueling AI's Growth

Protecting sensitive data is critical for organizations using AI, as AI relies heavily on data. Methods like confidential computing, hardware-based security features, and federated learning can help secure AI data while still allowing models access to the data they need. READ MORE

AI Actors are Coming

Get ready for Hollywood's new virtual "it" crowd - glossy digital celebrities created completely by AI. Soon you may not be able to tell who's real or fake on the red carpet! AI generated synthetic actors and virtual humans are rapidly advancing and becoming widespread, posing challenges for distinguishing what's…

Integrating AI in Nursing Care

Key Takeaway AI has immense potential to transform healthcare through efficiencies and improved patient care, but it lacks human emotional intelligence and connection. Careful integration balancing AI benefits with the irreplaceable human role of nurses is vital. AI offers many benefits like efficiency, decision support, personalized care. But it has…

How to Control Your ChatGPT Data

Key Takeaway You can control how OpenAI uses your personal data and chat history by disabling data usage for model training, deleting your chat history, and deleting your OpenAI account completely if desired. OpenAI provides options to disable using your chat history for training AI models. This prevents your data…