Why AI Still Can't Handle a Super Bowl Ad

ChatGPT is not yet advanced enough to fully create a Super Bowl commercial due to creative limitations and legal uncertainties. Brands are hesitant to rely on experimental AI for high-stakes advertising.


  • ChatGPT lacks the creative sophistication needed for Super Bowl ads, which have little margin for error. Its visuals often look unrealistic.
  • Legal questions around copyright infringement and celebrity likeness rights pose risks most brands want to avoid.
  • Some AI assistance may happen behind the scenes, but not in a leading role. Brands still prefer human creativity.
  • The pressure and scrutiny of a Super Bowl ad is too high currently to trust experimental AI with development.
  • Brands are optimistic AI will keep advancing, but believe the 2023 game comes too soon for ChatGPT to be useful. Possibly 2025.
  • Marketers view AI so far as just an aid, not a replacement for human ideation and production. It handles early-stage concepting at most right now.
  • Hype around AI needs a reality check. The Super Bowl shows we still have a long way to go before it can match human creativity.


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